Elder Jacob Higginson - Washington, Federal Way Mission

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week 7 - Mt. Rainier

From Dec. 15, 2015-

It was transfers yesterday so P day is today! I'm excited we're gonna hike Mount Rainier today! Should be pretty cool, I'll take lots of pictures!  Christmas out here is cool! Makes talking to people around us a lot easier! I'm excited to skype you all! Me and Elder Graham are good friends! We never like got angry but as I've been forcing myself to not get irritated we've gotten closer! 

Wow, it's hard to imagine how hard it was for Jesus, AND Heavenly Father. We literally can't imagine the pain he felt. How sad that He was hurting so bad that he asked Heavenly Father if there was another way? And there wasn't, so he kept hurting. Makes me want to be a better person! Make sure you read your scriptures daily, Dad :)  I'm so much happier when I'm reading my scriptures every day! I probably read for 45 minutes a day! And I'm ACTUALLY enjoying reading them :) I've definitely learned to love Heavenly Father and Jesus more out here. You're a rock Dad, that's what we call the members here who never go inactive or ever question if the church is true. We love those types of members. How blessed am I that I was born into a family of ROCKS. I'm so much more appreciative of my family.

We went on exchanges with the zone leaders the other day, pretty fun! Elder Anderson said I was doing fantastic! The assistants listened to some of my role plays too, and they were really impressed :)
Sorry my emails are so short! 
Okay, I miss you! Love you!!!  Jake

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