Elder Jacob Higginson - Washington, Federal Way Mission

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week 8 - Almost Christmas

From Dec. 21, 2015 (Combination of Short Letter to Family and Letter to Dad)

Hello Family!

Wow, Christmas is so close! I absolutely love this time of year. People are just so much more loving towards others. I think Heavenly Father blesses the world with extra spirit to celebrate the birth of his Only Begotten Son. Life here is great! I'm really excited to skype my family on Christmas! I think about ALL of you all the time! I'm so sorry about the shortness of this email. We had hardly any time today! Just know that I love and pray for you all :)

Merry Christmas!  Love Elder Higginson

Hi Dad-

Pretty bummed cuz we have next to no time to email today... So this is going to be MUCH shorter than I'd like. First off, thanks for letting me know that people appreciate my emails, means a lot to me! I'm glad that family sent you the picture of us! The members here all love us it's pretty awesome! I can't wait to skype!!! It's gonna be on friday, probably later in the evening. I think we can call first to let you know! We have 40 minutes to skype, unless we have 2 families. Then we get 30 minutes for each family! We haven't had to bike yet which is nice!!!

(Jacob learned that BYU lost to Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl)  Wow.. typical BYU hahhahah we suck!!! Whatever, their fans know they're dirt bags.. Haha I'm glad Star Wars was good! People here have been freaking out about it! Some dumb guy in our branch though it was funny to ruin the ending for me........ SO not funny haha! Our Mount Rainier climb was super fun!!! TONS of snow up there!

Haha we're getting hair cuts today actually! Not too pumped about it haha! Working out isn't bad! I'm probably about the same weight as when I left, still could destroy Mitty though! :)

I'm excited to see where Carson is going! Such a good guy.  Okay well, sad short email. Love you Dad! I'm excited to Skype you all! I hope Christmas is fun for you and all the kids!!!

Love, Jake

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