Elder Jacob Higginson - Washington, Federal Way Mission

Monday, November 2, 2015

Chocolate Chip Pie

The first pictures of Jacob in the MTC...with his District...arrived today from my cousin, Julie Higginson, who works at the MTC.  She was helping my sister (Jacob's aunt), Karey White, deliver a surprise treat--one of Karey's coveted Chocolate Chip Cookie Pies, which Jacob happens to love!  

Julie got to see Jacob and his small MTC District, and took a couple of pictures.  He looks amazing...and happy...and tall.  As I look at Jacob's belt line next to all the others in the picture, it makes sense to me now why finding pants to fit him was such a challenge.  I guess most pants are made to fit normal-sized people.  

Thank you Karey and Julie!  This was a very welcome surprise...and I'm sure Jacob (and his pie) is the most popular missionary in his District today.

Jacob's MTC Compation, Elder Lloyd, is next to him on the right end.
Elder Jacob Higginson with Julie Higginson

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  1. Wish I could have seen him. So glad he looks so happy.