Elder Jacob Higginson - Washington, Federal Way Mission

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 3.5

The following was an email sent just to me (Dad).  It had a lot more detail than his mass email...and I wanted it in his blog for mission journal purposes.  It also made me laugh!

Hey Dad!  I loved the pictures by the way! I got to show my comp pictures of the people I'm always talking about haha!

Wow I don't know how Ethan did in his championship football game, but tell him i'm proud of him! and Daniel too! 

I'm getting a haircut later today... scary. 

Our area is like 100% a car mission!  We have a 2016 carolla haha it had like 40 miles on it the day we got it! 

My comp is a district leader but he's been a zone leader before! Elder Graham has been out 16 months! The mission president was excited to pair up me and Elder Graham! Our mission president is so awesome! Hilarious too! 

I'm buying a bike today... Hoping I spend the right amount of money! That's the kind of stuff I like to have you around for Dad! Well wish me luck! 

Hey you and mom should send me some easy food recipes! we've been eating good though, just like chicken, fruit, ramen etc.. Dad I got a big bag of fruity Dino Bites and pretty much wiped it out in a week! It's so good! 

Haha my comp and me get along so good, he doesn't have my kind of humor really but we still make each other laugh! I'm blessed to have him, he's really good at being a missionary!  Tell uncle John and aunt Tawnie thanks for the ties! Dad I can't belive how lame everyone's ties are! And I'm like looking too good!  I get so many compliments! Oh yeah! 

Dad we have the Puyallup YSA ward!!! Weird right?! Haha it's pretty fun though the ward really likes me! Well they're actually a branch but they're trying to be a ward! 

DAD! Guess who I saw yesterday.. JAKE RICHARDS! What the heck?! I didn't know he was here! He was like, in shock when he saw me I'm not even kidding hahaha! Pretty cool, and I saw my other friend David Kim too! He didn't even know I got my mission call! So he was freaking out too! So funny. 

I like how our whole day is planned out, feels good! Elder Graham is insane at starting conversations with people! I'm trying to pick up on it! Getting better though! 

Tell the kids that I'm constantly telling other missionaries about them! miss those guys! 

Love you so much Dad! You're my role model and my hero. I miss you always being with me to talk to and make jokes with and give me top notch advice! But I'm enjoying the mission and it'll fly by quick! Love you!


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