Elder Jacob Higginson - Washington, Federal Way Mission

Monday, November 2, 2015

First MTC P-Day Email


Wow its amazing how fast i started to miss you all. The MTC is amazing! Really hard, but its incredible how much we've learned so fast! 

My Companion is so great!  His name is Elder Lloyd, he's also from Utah! He's very spiritual and so is the rest of my zone. We're all great friends already and we learn so much from our classes! My main teachers, Brother Mckay and Sister Evens are incredible! Both recent returned Missionaries. 

Me and my comp just got made the Zone leaders yesterday! And we're both really excited to magnify this calling! The sleep schedule is sucky, but it's slowly getting easier to stay awake!  

I wish I had more time to email because I'd spend about half the day telling you all about this amazing experience. But more emails will come! 

I cant tell you how much your emails meant to me. 

Well we're all going to do Endowments at the Provo temple pretty soon, I LOVE YOU ALL.

Sincerely, Elder Higginson

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