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Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 4

Elder Graham and Elder Higginson

Hey everyone! Crazy week, lot's going on! Being in a YSA branch is awesome! Everyone there really likes me and Elder Graham! 

Taught some weird people lately.. One lady was a witch. Like, she was telling us about her religion and how she's a witch and can cast spells and stuff, pretty cool! 

We're teaching an 18 year old right now named Nate. He's kind of anti Mormon, so teaching him is interesting! We're always really careful not to Bible bash! Pretty fun stuff. 

Yesterday while we were driving around looking for a good neighborhood to knock doors, I jokingly said "Wouldn't it be nice if the people ready to hear the Gospel had green lights over their houses and the people not ready had red lights? It would save lots of time." 

And a couple seconds later we saw a house with a green light on it.. So of course we knocked on the door! And it was a young guy (YSA age) and he was so ready! We have an appointment with him tomorrow! I thought that was pretty dang cool. 

Glad you got the picture from the Vazquez family! I was excited when she offered to do that! Elder Graham is from Roosevelt, Utah! Haha he's a good missionary, we get along!

You asked about how we spend P-Day (aside from laundry).  We usually just email on P day and get some fast food with other Elders but today we're playing some basketball and throwing the frisby! Should be pretty fun! 

We have a lot of options for thanksgiving! We'll probably eat at the Branch President's house, his wife is a really good cook! It's really cool the branch loves us! I like being in the YSA! There are a couple INSANELY attractive girls, so I have to keep the blinders on. hahaha! Oh well. 

Hey, we had Malt O' Meal the other day! Made me think of home! Wanna send me the recipe to make it how you make it!? That would be awesome! 

Dad I got a haircut! Hahaha you were absolutely right, like... it's not bad, but it's for sure not good! Yours were WAY better!  Oh well, maybe I should be happy about it, that way the ladies lay off a little.. (; 

Well again we don't have much time to write.. I'll send a picture of me and Elder Graham! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'll miss being with you but I know I need to be out here. Love you all so much!!!

Elder Higginson

Note from the Editor (aka: Dad):  this post is a combination of his mass email, and an email he wrote to me.  He includes details that should be included in his Blog

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